Sassa, meaning South Africa Social Security Agency is the government assistance for people without an income. Or, for those that are in the lower class income. Before you can apply for any Sassa grants, you need to make sure that you are applying for the right grant, and that you do qualify.

Not everyone can get these grants, and it is a long qualifying process to get approved. These are the complete guide to all the Sassa grant options.

SASSA grants: a comprehensive guide on how to apply and who qualifies (

The different types of Sassa grants and the requirements

There are seven basic Sassa grants that you can apply for. This is according to the Social Assistance Act 2004. During the Pandemic from 2020, there is the R350 social grant as well. But this is only a temporary grant that ends March 2022. This is the complete guide to the most common grants and the requirements that you need to meet before you can apply.

Child support

Child support is where parents can get government support for each of their children. In 2021 the amount you will receive is R445 and will change after the financial year in 2022.

Who qualifies for the child support grant?

  • The primary caregiver must be a South African, permanent resident, or refugee.
  • Both parents need to live in South Africa and the child needs to be younger than 18 years.
  • Parents who aren’t the biological parent needs to prove that they are the primary caregiver
  • The children need to live with the primary caregiver.
  • Should not have an income over R4000 per year or R48, 000 per year if you are single.

Application requirements for child support grants

  • A valid 13 digit bar code smart ID card
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of income
  • Present discharge certificate or UIF card
  • Proof that you are the primary caregiver
  • Proof that you as a caregiver have tried to get child support

Care dependency sassa grant

The care dependency grant is financial aid for birth parents, foster parents, or primary caregivers of children with disabilities. The payout for this grant during 2021 is R1 860 at the moment. It will change after the end of the financial year in 2022. You should also know that you can’t get both care dependency and child support at the same time.

Who qualifies for getting the care dependency grant?

  • The applicant and child needs to be a  South African citizen
  • The child and applicant must live in South Africa
  • The  child needs to be younger than 18 years
  • The applicant’s yearly income should be less than R405,600 if they are married and R202,800 if they are single.
  • Should have a court order that you are the primary caregiver of the child
  • A child must not be a permanent patient in any of the government institutions.

Application requirements for applying for the care dependency grant

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • Applicant’s bar code smart card ID
  • Assessment reports proving child’s capabilities and disabilities
  • Court order to prove you are foster parents
  • Proof of marital status
  • Proof of income for caregiver and spouse


This is the same as child dependency; however, this is the grant for adults over 18 years of age. This is government assistance for people living with a disability that prevents them from working. The disability grant payment is R1 860 per month during 2021. It will also change after the financial year ends in 2022.

Who will qualify for the disability grant?

  • Needs to be a South African, living in South Africa
  • Should be between the age of 18 and 59 years old
  • You should not be under the care of any state institution
  • Your minimum salary should be less than R78 120 per year. Or, R156, 240 if you are married.
  • Your assets should not be more than R2,230 800 if you are married, or R1,115 400 if you are single.
  • Have reports that prove you are unfit to work to a mental or physical disability

Application requirements for getting an approved disability grant.

  • Need to have a bar code smart card ID
  • Medical report, younger as three months of application
  • Medical reports, proving that you are unfit to work

Older persons

The older persons grant or pensioners grant is the grant for people over the age of 60 years. The pension fund is R1 860 for people younger than 75 and older than 60 years. For people older than 75 years, the grant is slightly higher. You can’t qualify for the grant if you already getting some sort of grant.

Who qualifies for the older person’s grant or pension grant?

  • Need to be a South African and living in South Africa
  • You need to be older than 60 years
  • Applicant shouldn’t stay in any state institution
  • Should not get any other social grant assistance
  • Annual income should be less than R82, 400 annually if he is single and R164, 880 annual if they are married

Application requirements for getting an approved pension grant.

  • Need to have a valid smart card ID
  • Proof of marital status
  • Proof of assets and their valuation
  • Proof of any income you might have
  • Proof of address
  • Proof that you aren’t working anymore

The other Sassa grants that you can also apply for

Besides the Sassa grants that we already discussed, there are other grants that you can apply for as well. These grants aren’t as popular and common as the Child support grant, child dependency, Disability grants, and Pension grants. But, these are legitimate grants that you can apply for.

  • Foster child grant
  • Grant-in-aid
  • Social relief of distress
  • R350 social relief grant. The temporary grant because of Covid 19.

South Africa ensures that people without work, or that is living in the lowest class can get some financial assistance. And, it is important to know the different Sassa grants, in order for you to apply for the right one. You can’t just apply for the grant, because you are struggling financially. There are some requirements that you need to meet first.