Even if many people are getting confused between child support and the care dispensary Sassa grant, there is actually a huge difference between them. The only thing that these two grants have in common is that this is for children under the age of 18 years.

We are going to make it easier to know and to remember the difference between the child support and care dispensary grants. You can’t apply for both of them, so you need to know which one you qualify for. And, this is what we are going to do. Give you a clear indication of the difference between these two grants.

Child support explained

Sassa child support is when you are needy or fall in the low-class in South Africa and you have children that you need to take care of.  The child must be your biological child, or you need to have proof that you are the children’s primary caregiver.

The amount that you are getting for child support is R460 monthly, per child. The children need to live with you, in South Africa to qualify for the money. There is also a maximum yearly salary that you need to get in order to qualify for the child support.

Dispensary Sassa grant

Dispensary Sassa grant is also for children younger than 18 years. The difference is that this is for children with severe physical and mental disabilities. Children that need full-time and special care. The grant is paid to biological parents or the primary caregiver of the child.

Just like with child support, you need to get an annual salary that isn’t higher than the requirements. The payment that you will receive for the disabled child is R1 890 per month. It is also essential that you and your child are South Africans that live in South Africa. You will need to have documents from a state medical officer that confirms that your child has the disability before you can get the grant approved.

The requirements of child support and dispensary Sassa grant

Before you can apply for any of these Sassa grants, you need to know what the requirements of each are. Making it easier to decide which one you can apply for, and what you need before you can apply for the grant. These are the requirements in short:

Child support requirements are:

  • A child needs to be younger than 18 years
  • You need to be the biological parent or the primary caregiver with the right proof
  • Your child needs to live with you
  • You should not earn an annual salary of more than R52 800 per year if you are single and a combined salary of R105 600 if you are married.
  • Not being cared for in any type of state institution

Care dispensary Sassa grant requirements are:

  • A child needs to be younger than 18 years
  • You should be the primary caregiver or the biological parents of the child
  • You need to be a South African citizen and have a valid barcoded ID or smart ID
  • The child must have a severe disability that is diagnosed by a state doctor
  • You and the child need to live in South Africa
  • Your salary shouldn’t be more than R223 200 per year if you are single, or R446 400 if you are married.

Can you get both Sassa grants when you have a child?

You have a child that has a disability. Can you apply for both the Sassa grants? This is actually a simple question with a simple answer. No. You can’t apply for both grants. If you have a child with disabilities, then you can apply for the care dispensary grant. Otherwise, you can just apply for child support.

However, if you have more than one child, you can apply for child support for the other children and the care dispensary grant for the child with a disability. But, you will not get child support for that specific child as well.

Applying for both these grants

The application process for both these Sassa grants is similar. You need to visit your nearest Sassa office with your ID, a birth certificate of the child, and proof that you are the primary caregiver of the child. If you are applying for the care dispensary grant, you need to have all the documents at hand from the state doctor that prove that your child is severely disabled and needs full-time care.

If you and your child don’t meet the requirements, it doesn’t help to take a chance by applying anyway. If you don’t meet the requirements your application will be declined and you will waste your own and other people’s time.

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Many people are getting confused between the child support grant and the care dispensary grant. Yes, they are both for children under the age of 18, but there is actually a huge difference. And no, you can’t get both of these grants for one child. If you are struggling financially, you can apply for child support for some added financial assistance. However, you can’t apply for the care dispensary grant if you don’t have a child with severe disabilities.