Borrowing a personal loan is the most convenient way to get closer to the money you need. In our life, many times we need money for various things, sometimes it is your dream house, dream car, ceremonial event, emergency expenses, or debt consolidation. So, you can use a personal loan for anything, but some lenders restrict their use. With a personal loan, you get cash quickly, making it an attractive way to get money when you need instant cash.

You may know Barclay for its bank products and credit cards, but now Barclay offers secured personal loans for American borrowers to meet their needs. Here’s a brief note on some of the requirements for getting a Barclays personal loan:

Features of Barclays Personal Loan

Barclays offers loans from $5,000 to $35,000 with a flexible repayment loan term of 36 to 60 months. As Barclays offer loans only with excellent credit scores, as a result, people receive a very loan interest rate. The APR on your loan depends upon the credit worth or personal circumstances of the customer. Its lowest APR is 4.99% for loans between $5,000 and $7,500, while the highest APR is 20.99%, significantly less than that of other lenders. Moreover, Barclays does not charge any loan product fee or any organization fee. You also can repay your loan before, and you don’t have to pay any penalties. Borrowers can also have permission to change their payment due date.

Barclays Personal Loan’s only drawback is that you can get a loan from Barclay only if you receive an invitation with a unique code by email. They target only those people with a fair and excellent credit score. So, if you didn’t receive an invitation email from Barclays, you cannot apply. Also, they do not allow co-borrowers or co-signer when the lender only accepts an individual application.

How to apply?

If you have decided to get a loan from Barclays, you can apply online. Visit the website provided in your invitation email and enter your invitation code. You can also apply to their local branch by call (Monday-Sunday: 8 am-9 pm). The customer should be a British resident and must be 18 years old or over. All you need to provide is your borrowing amount, name, address, loan purpose, employment information, incoming & expenditure, banking information, including sort code and account number, and other necessary information.

Once you have completed your application form, Barclays will request a document through a massage from the application center. You can upload the required documents to the application center. When your loan is approved, you will get instant cash for your desire. When you receive your amount, you have 14 days to withdraw money, so In any case, if you change out your mind, you need to pay any early settlement amount to cancel your loan. Or, if you repay your loan within seven days after the withdrawal, you don’t need to pay any interest.

Keep in mind; it’s beneficial if you shop around before setting a lender. Barclays offers flexible, low-rate loans without any fee, and maybe you find a better deal with another lender. So, compare personal loans rate according to your circumstances and credentials as a borrower and choose the one best suitable for you.

For further info or queries, you may drop a line on 0800 800 3002.