The new Sassa grant payment updates. During the pandemic, there was a lot of confusion about the payment methods from Sassa. People do not know where to collect their Sassa payments and what their options are if they don’t want to collect them anymore. These are everything you need to know about the updates from the Sassa grant payments.

About the Sassa grant payment update

Before 2020, Sassa grant payments were always the same. Getting paid on the first of each month. But, from the Covid pandemic, things have changed.

  • Different Sassa payments were done on different days.
  • Especially when it comes to the R350 special Sassa grant that many people qualified for.
  • This is why it’s important to make sure that you know the information about the payments. That you know when there is yet another change in the payment of Sassa grants.
  • By knowing the Sassa grant payment update, you will never have any confusion about getting your payments.

R350 payment update

The R350 special grant payments have an important announcement to those that receive these payments. The applicants who were approved for the R350 disbursement but didn’t get paid should get in touch with the agency before 31st August 2021. With the period already passed, you should get in touch with Sassa immediately.

This is the same for those that got paid, but they haven’t withdrawn the money yet. You might be losing your money that wasn’t been withdrawn yet.

The new R350 applications should ensure that they receive their payments and that they withdraw them as soon as possible.

Social grant: verify you meet the requirements monthly

If you are a beneficiary of a social grant, you are going to be tested each month. This is to see if you still meet the requirements for the grant.

When you don’t qualify anymore, they will stop your social grant payment immediately. You can also get into serious trouble if you didn’t report the fact that you don’t qualify for the social grant anymore.

Payment methods and grant payment updates

According to Sassa, all the payments are made through your

  • Sassa card,
  • by bank transfer,
  • or even through a cash transfer to your cell phone

You need to make sure that you update your payment method so that you receive your money in the easiest way possible.

Where you didn’t make any arrangements about your Sassa grant payment. And if you didn’t do the Sassa grant payment update, the money will only be available through the Post Office.

Another option is that if you don’t have a bank account, you can select a bank of your choice to receive a cash transfer payment. The only problem is that you can only choose between these top banks:

  • ABSA
  • FNB
  • Nedbank
  • Standard bank

The other banks don’t qualify for the cash transfer, and they will not assist you no matter what.

Payment of grant payments will stop in these conditions

When is your social grant payment stop and you aren’t going to get the monthly money paid to you in your bank account? Payments will stop being made to the beneficiary if:

  • The beneficiary dies for whatever reason
  • In the month when the child is turning 18
  • When the caregiver doesn’t claim for three months
  • The child isn’t in the country anymore
  • When the child is admitted to a state institution
  • When your income improves so much that you don’t qualify for the social grant payment anymore.
  • When a temporary disability grand had lapsed.

These are the latest Sassa grant payment updates that every person needs to know about. It doesn’t really matter what type of grant payment you receive. There is some important information to those that are getting the R350 grant payment, or that got it with the previous applications. These updates change all the time, and you always need to be aware of the changes.